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Americana born & BRED,

raised on bluesy soul.

feet in love with country roads,

and a heart in love 

with rock n roll.  



I grew up poor. The welfare and food stamps kinda poor. The poor where you pick up cans on the side of the road and turn them in for lunch money, and the kinda poor that can lead a kid down some very bad roads. THAT kinda poor. But that kinda poor also brings something else with it. It brings a focus on love, and an appreciation for the beauty that this world has to offer straight outta the box, no purchase required.

I remember sitting on the cold floor of our house as a toddler, listening to my mom’s Willie and Waylan records in my underwear (Uh...well I still do that, that has nothing to do with being poor ;). I loved music from day one. All kinds of music, but especially the storytelling kind. The kind that isn't afraid of itself and the kind where songwriters are willing to just lay their guts right out on the table for all to see. Because that’s where the beautiful bits are. At least to me.

As a kid I was enamored with the idea of playing an instrument. Without the financial means for music lessons or an instrument, I knew I had to figure something out. I borrowed an old trumpet from my elementary school and spent every free minute teaching myself to play. The other kids were two years ahead of me, my tuning slide was permanently stuck, the bell was bent, and the keys were partially broken, but I loved that trumpet like it was a piece of art belonging in the Smithsonian. I worked my way into first chair within a year and never looked back. As a nerdy, introverted, outlier of a kid with frizzy hair, weird clothes, and a preference for spending hours at the record store over hours at the mall, music became my connector to the world, and eventually my ticket to college.

After squeezing in every type of band I could find in college, from orchestras to ska bands, I had to make the heartwrenching decision to take time off of of the thing I loved the most to go out into the world and figure out how to make money. I ended up on a 15 year journey into the medical world and built a company I am very proud of, but I missed music like a missing limb. I finally reconnected with my musical roots when I picked up my first set of drumsticks in 2019 and found the instrument I was meant to play. Had Truman Elementary had an extra 1960s Gretsch Roundbadge drum kit lying around instead of that old beat up trumpet I'd be famous by now! Sigh. Well, regardless, it was an immediate and slippery slope back into the music world and the place my heart has always lived.

Music brought with it a challenge with it I had always hidden. I had never sung in front of ANYONE. Not even karaoke, out of the sheer terror induced at the thought of singing publicly. I decided the time had come to conquer that fear. I bought a guitar and taught myself a few chords. I wrote my first song in 2019, a defining moment and the last best thing I have ever done. And no, that song isn't on was terrible! Nice try. Only one person has heard that song and that was one too many.

I quickly learned that all of my time as a poetry writing introvert in my childhood meant I was cut out for songwriting. I view it as a socially acceptable way to say a whole bunch of crap you could never actually say out loud. Say it to a crowd of people during conversation? You're a raving lunatic, but say it in a song? Now that's just beautiful art.


I am currently recording my first full length album along with several singles.

Keep an eye out....because I have been told I have a lot to say. ;)


   © 2019 Annie Davis