A little bit of country, a little bit of soul, a little of blues, and a lotta rock n roll. Trashy Annie is a genre-mixing musical cocktail akin to a Long Island iced tea. You're not quite sure what you're getting when you sit down, but you know it's gonna be a fun night, and when it's all over you just want more. ;)

Trashy Annie was founded in 2021 by trumpet player turned singer-songwriter Annie Davis. After 15 years away from music, she bought her first guitar in 2019 so she could write one song, sing it at an open mic,  and prove to herself that she could overcome a paralyzing fear of singing in public. She wrote that song with the one chord she could play at the time (that tune became her first release in 2020 called "Runnin"). The rest is history. Her story and her "throw your guts on the table for everybody to see" style of songwriting became an immediate connector to her fans. She spent 2020 writing music and in 2021 built a powerhouse band of musicians that have come crashing onto the scene in a way that nobody expected. Combining jaw-dropping guitar solos,  tasty drum grooves, raw and unapologetic lyrics, and an infectious energy both on and off the stage, Trashy Annie is quickly developing a loyal fan base and becoming a force to be reckoned with on the Austin music scene and beyond. Annie caught the attention of several world-class musicians, mix engineers, and producers from Nashville to LA, and will be releasing a plethora of tunes in the coming months. Her second release, Nuclear Meltdown, has recently been picked up by radio stations in and around Austin, and you can find her band playing a variety of shows in the Austin and San Antonio area, alongside longtime Texas favorites like Two Tons of Steel and Danny B Harvey. Keep an eye on this band, because Annie has been told...well...she has a lot to say. ;)


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Nuclear Meltdown Trashy Annie
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Knock Knock demoTrashy Annie
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Shipwreck demoTrashy Annie
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Juliette demoTrashy Annie
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